Over 75 years of experience

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for considering our company. At Smet Monuments, our focus is on offering quality and customized memorials to the people of Atlantic Canada, New England, and Bermuda, and it has been our focus for over 75 years. Our knowledgeable, well-trained, professional plant and sales staff are dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your needs are met in the most courteous, compassionate, and caring manner possible.

As you browse through our site, you can be confident that whatever type of memorial you have in mind, we’re capable of making it happen. From our decades of industry experience, we personally know of no other manufacturer that spends more time, devotes more care, or cares more about the materials we use for all of our monuments. It is our guarantee that your experience with Smet Monuments will be a positive one, and your monument will be the testament that you’ve intended it to be.

Our Experience

At Smet Monuments, we take tremendous care to ensure that we source only the finest granite to use in the construction of your monument.

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Our Commitment

At Smet Monuments, we understand that the transformation of rough granite into a beautiful work of art is a very unique process.

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Our People

Our staff are all highly trained, incredibly compassionate, and represent the value leader in the field of custom monuments and markers.

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SMET Monuments

Smet Monuments is proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company, family-owned and operated. We strive to make truly unique memorials for each of our customers, keeping in mind that these memorials do more than just help us remember, they tell the story of the lives behind the names.