Since 1985 we’ve made constant and profound improvements to our facilities. We were the first to become computer-capable for both our designing and, more importantly, our cutting. With the help of special software, we computer cut our stencils and have two fully automated sandblasters. We’ve also added front offices, as well as a 120 x 50 foot heated production and storage area.

In 1994, the granite photography process was greatly enhanced and we quickly made the necessary improvements to be able to provide this service. In 1995, we added another addition to house a grinder/polisher as well as a set of diamond saws. These additions greatly increased our ability to be self-sufficient and complete more custom projects completely in-house.

In the mid 2000’s we again expanded our warehousing capacity with a new 80 x 40 foot building. More recently, we have added another, more powerful, laser machine to ensure our custom granite etchings are at a quality that is above industry standards. As well, we now produce all of our porcelain photos in-house and offer a lifetime guarantee against fading or damage.

Additional expansions, and new machinery has continued into 2020 with new delivery vehicles, cut systems, and improved grinding and polished machines. Smet Monuments has continued to heavily reinvest in our equipment and people to ensure our company leads the way in innovation, capabilities, and customization for each family we serve.

SMET Monuments

Smet Monuments is proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company, family-owned and operated. We strive to make truly unique memorials for each of our customers, keeping in mind that these memorials do more than just help us remember, they tell the story of the lives behind the names.