Currently, we have 15 employees working in our office and plant. Additionally, we have numerous sales representatives throughout Atlantic Canada, Maine & Bermuda. We have an ongoing education and training program for our agents that has enabled them to become professional memorial counselors. They are available days, evenings, or weekends at the customer’s convenience for appointments.

Below are 3 reasons why the professionals at Smet Monuments are consistently heralded as the best in the business.

They are experts in their fields.

In the same way that you would seek out a good doctor or lawyer when you need professional expertise in medicine or law, your Smet Monuments representative is the trusted professional that you should contact to handle your memorial needs. Our representatives are experts in memorial design, personalization, and may also assist with other details such as cemetery regulations and other areas of interest.

They are people of experience and understanding.

The list of people that have received guidance from a Smet Monuments representative is extensive and continually growing. Our sales staff will gladly assist you in determining the most appropriate monument for your family: one that best suits the person you are memorializing, as well as your budget.

They represent the value leader in the field.

Smet Monuments is the first name in creating memorials. It is the name that signifies quality, trust, and enduring value for over 75 years. That is why your Smet representative is the first person to call if you are planning for your future or in need of a meaningful remembrance for a lost loved one.


Please visit our map for the representative in your area.

SMET Monuments

Smet Monuments is proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company, family-owned and operated. We strive to make truly unique memorials for each of our customers, keeping in mind that these memorials do more than just help us remember, they tell the story of the lives behind the names.