Welcome to Smet Monuments, where we specialize in creating truly unique monuments & headstones in Summerside, PEI and beyond. When the time comes to commemorate a loved one who has passed, it’s important to have the perfect headstone that reflects their distinctive life. Smet Monuments are specialist in memorialization and we can assist you in crafting a genuinely unique monument. In Summerside, the knowledgeable team at Smet Monuments are experts at guiding you through the purchasing process of a monument. This process includes navigating the cemetery regulations, budget considerations, granite selection, design creation, and the installation at the cemetery.

Our Services:

Customization: Every life is unique, and so should be the memorials. Our skilled craftsman work with you to create custom designs that beautifully capture the life story of your loved one.

Premium Materials: We pride ourselves on using only the finest materials, offering a diverse range of high-quality granite and marble options that ensure durability, elegance, and lasting beauty.

Innovative Designs: Stay ahead with our innovative designs, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styles to create monuments that stand out.

Technology Integration: Explore the integration of modern technology, such as laser engraving and integrated online memorials, to add details and personal touches to your chosen monument design.

Cemetery Collaboration: Smet Monuments works with all cemeteries in Moncton and beyond, ensuring a seamless process as we navigate regulations and guidelines for a hassle-free installation.

Expert Installation: Our professional team ensures that your monument is installed with precision, care, and respect, guaranteeing its lasting presence in the chosen location.

Comprehensive Services: Beyond monuments, we offer a range of memorial solutions, including ground markers, upright monuments, plaques, and personalized columbariums/cremation monuments.

Sensitivity and Support: We understand the emotional journey involved in commemorating a loved one. Our compassionate team is here to offer guidance, support, and understanding throughout the entire process.


Smet Monuments serves with all cemeteries in Summerside, and across the Island, including St Peter’s, People’s Cemetery, and others. As a leader in the memorial industry, we provide exceptional quality, service, and support in creating truly personalized memorials. Whether you’re considering a ground marker, upright monument, or a personal columbarium/cremation monument, our expertise ensures we can help you throughout the selection and design process.


Contact us today for more information! Our team at Smet Monuments is ready to work with you to ensure we help create the perfect memorial. With friendly, professional, and compassionate staff, our company has helped generations of families in Summerside and beyond.


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Smet Monuments is proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company, family-owned and operated. We strive to make truly unique memorials for each of our customers, keeping in mind that these memorials do more than just help us remember, they tell the story of the lives behind the names.