SMET Premium Perpetual Guarantee

At Smet Monuments, we pride ourselves on offering Superior Quality and Customized memorials to the people of Atlantic Canada, New England, and Bermuda, and it has been our goal for over 70 years. When dealing with our knowledgeable, well-trained, professional plant and sales staff, we
commit to ensuring that all aspects of your needs are met in the most courteous, compassionate, and caring manner.

Smet Monuments works hard to provide peace of mind to all customers and their families by committing to using only the finest quality granite which is free from defects and it will not check, crack or disintegrate. Our Commitment, at no additional cost to you, includes:

Premium Perpetual Warranty – Above Industry Standards*

Smet Monuments guarantees your memorial will be made from only the Highest Quality Granites Available. Our Granites will never contain artificial colouring when creating the highly polished surface.

We knowingly guarantee that your granite memorial will never crack, rust, or fade in colour from exposure to the harsh elements of the Canadian and American climates.

At any time, if you or your family’s memorial develops any imperfections, Smet Monuments guarantees to replace, free of any expense, forever.

Our Price Commitment*

Smet Monuments will not knowingly be undersold! We commit to our customers that we provide superior quality, customization, and care at a competitive price. We will match local competitor’s prices for the product with the same colour, quality, and design options.

*Not all granites are the same, Smet Monuments uses and quotes only the highest quality granites from reputable granite suppliers without cutting costs.

Free Delivery Guarantee*

All deliveries of memorials come completely free of charge in our service area. Smet Monuments dutifully works to ensure memorials are delivered within a certain time frame once the signed sketch approval has been received.

Maintenance Free Leveling Guarantee*

We guarantee on all Smet Monuments installed memorials, bases and foundations that we will protect your memorial. In the unlikely event of the monument becoming tilted, we will level and re-seal the memorial on our next visit to the area.

Porcelain Photo Guarantee*

If your or your family’s memorial features a porcelain photo, Smet Monuments protects these photos against defect, fading, discolouration, or damage, and will replace free of charge.

Our guarantee has no expiration date, no deductible and is included at no additional cost with every granite memorial produced to our standards. For more information about the Smet Monuments Assurance, please contact us.

*Special Terms and Conditions Apply

SMET Monuments

Smet Monuments is proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company, family-owned and operated. We strive to make truly unique memorials for each of our customers, keeping in mind that these memorials do more than just help us remember, they tell the story of the lives behind the names.